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ZombotronWelcome to the planet zombotron, inhabited by human-mutants or just stupid zombies. Nobody knows where they come from and what they eat, but we know one thing – they are ready to destroy everything that moves. During the colonization of the planet people built several laboratories to create bio-robots to clean the planet from evil, but something was wrong. There was no people on the planet zombotron, but those laboratories still operate under the computer&s control. You are one of the few bio-robots and so will you be able to complete this mission? Zombotron is a physics-based action platformer in which you play as a gun-wielding robot on a planet overrun by zombies and other creatures. Blast enemies with your gun, or blow them to bits with explosive barrels. Take the heads of your victims and collect coins along the way. You can purchase weapons, ammunition and other items at shop terminals located throughout levels. Your main objective is to reach the end of each level, and there are additional missions to provide you with a challenge. Submit your score from the Main Menu using the Scores button. See in Game

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