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Grab the gold and gemstones Left and Right arrow keys.
Dash through the kitchen as fast as you can. See in Game.
Sneak around to get the latest gossip!Press left mouse button and hold to listen, release to stop listening.
Help Santa get ready to deliver Christmas gifts. Mouse
Get Santa around certain obstacles in this downhill ski event. See in Game.
Pick up the firefly and eat them, then breathe fire on the knights. See in game.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently asked the British people to stop throwing away so much food in a bid to tackle rising food prices. Help him prove to David Cameron that saving [...]
Bugs is training for the ACME Fishing Contest.See in game
Help Gollum catch the falling rings! Left and right arrows.
Grab the gold , dont let the monster touch the pipe.see in game
Golden EggsMouse
Your an archer trying to win a tournament.Aim at LEFT target, and dont forget to allow for the wind.
You are a spider grab the dots and avoid getting eatin by the lizard. Use your mouse to move guide your spider
. z and /.
See In Game See In Game
Hello Ladies wanna make a dream come true? at least thats what most men are thinking your thinking lolMouse
Oh no! The baby giraffe has had its front legs broken by a speeding cheetah and now it can’t reach its mother’s teats! Fortunately a busty Swedish milkmaid, Brunhilda, [...]