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Take part in Franks Adventure. This is an ADULT GAME selling drugs and Nude pics etc. See in Game.
Nem ment rekordod.
Side scrolling action that will keep you jumping.Keyboard
Eggs Terminator 2 The evil hens have stolen all the eggs! Help Arnold, the easter bunny get them back. See in Game
Easter Bunny Hop along like the easter bunny and collect eggs~ See in game
Dr.Strangeblix Enter a not very secret Iraqi laboratory and find six weapons-grade plutonium canisters and head for the exit Arrow keys
Dragon Warrior Destroy all evil and restore freedom to the land while facing the animal spirits and climb mountains. Converted by Jump: Up arrow key Duck: Down arrow key Move lef [...]
Letter Doolhof Try with help of the leaves to get the words complete. But watch out that the bunnies dont get you! Arrow Keys = Movement
Donkey Kong The old Nintendo classic.
Donkey Bom Just like Donkey Kong! Arrow and Space
Xmas Frenzy Stomp on those rebel Xmas presents! Arrow keys to move.
Demon Dash Help the kids avoid the ghost save the adults and kill the ghost See in Game!
Deep Freeze v2 Kill the elves etc and save Xmas. Keys + Spacebar.
Death Trap Mansion Rescue your friend in under 3 minutes, sounds easy? try it. See in Game.
Death By Hinge Launch the man as far as you can using nothing but a hinge Mouse
Day In The Park Catch The Falling Bones And Other Objects Throughout The Game. See In Game.
David - Dawn Of A King Help David find the Lost Sheep and avoid the rampaging wild animals. See in game.
Ramayanam v2 This game is based on the great indian epic RAMAYANA RAMA the king of Ayodhya according to his father’s instruction goes to vanavasa (exile to the forest) along with his wife [...]
Puke The Pirate Use Your Arrows And Space To Move ‘Pukebart’ And To Barf. Keyboard, See In Game.
Pirates of The Caribbean Help Captain Jack spa low to protect crew from sailors of the demon ship of Davey Jones and him who are notorious!!. Arrow Keys Plus Spacebar