Castle Restoration

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Castle Restoration
The count Christopher lives a very luxury life. His status in the society allows him to afford himself everything that is wants so he lives in a huge castle for many years. There are numerous rooms in that spectacular building and each one of them is arranged with great taste and includes amazing classic furniture. But however, there are some things in life that money cant buy and things that could happen to anyone, just proving that nothing is eternal. One day the castle of count Christopher caught fire! This happening wasnt something that anyone could expect so the count was really shocked about the catastrophe that spread very fast and has taken the biggest part of the castle. This place was full of many valuable objects and many of them are completely destroyed so the fire is definitely a great loss but theres nothing that can be done to turn the things back exactly as they were, except a restoration that could be a possible solution. The count has decided that it is time to take this step but in order to collect money for restoration, since it is about a really grand object, he has to sell some of the valuable objects that werent caught up in the fire. Selling those objects he will have enough money to pay the restorer and make the building look nearly as it looked before. Lets help the count take care of the place.

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