Alpine Solitaire

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Alpine Solitaire
Set in the mountains of the European Alps this solitaire game follows the rules of Tri-peaks with a new layout, that includes two wild cards (one that is dealt and one that is always available to use). You must remove the two mountains of cards that are dealt out at the start and try to get to the next round. Cards can be removed if they are either one higher or one lower than the card at the bottom. You can use a wild card at any time by selecting when you feel it would be helpful. Remember there is one wild card that is available to you all the time and it will be replenished if you win the round. Another wild card is always dealt somewhere else in the pack and can also be selected at any time. If you win a round you will be elegible for a number of score bonuses. The Time Bonus is given if you win a round quickly. The Wild Card bonus is given for not using the wild card in the bottom right. The Deck Card bonus corresponds to the number of undealt cards in the deck. Finally the round bonus corresponds to how many rounds you have won so far.

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